Application Administration
PLM System Administration

Application Administration

ProductSpace team will pro-actively manage the Windchill application running on-premise in the customer network to ensure consistent system availability and performance.

The following tasks will be routinely performed by the administration team:

  • Stop and Start Windchill environment as needed
  • Proactive monitoring and management of log files
  • Proactively address and resolve system alerts
  • Manage Windchill workflow queues
  • Manage publishing queues and CAD worker configuration
  • Refresh test system with production data when requested.
  • Provide application performance tuning as per vendor best practices
  • Manage service packs and patches
  • Work with customer IT to support OS and infrastructure maintenance
  • Provide software configuration control for all changes deployed to the system

Database Administration

ProductSpace team will pro-actively manage the database server running on the customer environment.

The following tasks will be routinely performed by the database team:

  • Stop and start databases
  • Add space to databases as needed
  • Restore databases in the event of corruption
  • Periodically update Oracle statistics to ensure optimal query performance
  • Review database growth and resource utilization
  • Perform database security audits
  • Perform database performance analysis
  • Perform database defragmentation
  • Apply database patches/updates

Backup and Recovery

The primary goal of the backup processes is to minimize data loss in case of a disaster as well as in keeping the different data stores in sync after a restore. The backups are designed to support the recovery process for various levels of failure including the capability to rebuild the entire system from scratch using the backups if needed. ProductSpace team will ensure that the backup processes are configured and running on a continual basis and periodically validates the recovery processes using these backups.

RAPiDS™ includes the following backup and recovery services:

Backup Services

  • Install and configure hot backup software, scripts, and tools.
  • Create backup staging directories as required.
  • Perform full and incremental backups according to the appropriate backup schedule.
  • Analyze backup exceptions and restart if needed.
  • Test the backup procedures periodically.

Backup Retention

  • Backup retention period will be decided in consultation with the customer based on storage availability
  • Copy backups to external media such as a tape drive, USB drive or network share as required by the customer.

Recovery Services

  • Restore from full and/or incremental backup(s) as needed after system failures
  • Validate integrity and consistency of restored information.
  • Test the recovery procedures periodically.


ProductSpace will deploy PTC System monitor along with custom monitoring tools to ensure that the RAPiDS™ service meets customer expectations on a continual basis

RAPiDS™ monitoring will include the following:

  • CPU and Memory usage of the system
  • Process monitoring for Windchill
  • Log file monitoring
  • Database monitoring
  • Backup monitoring
  • Security monitoring
  • Windchill transaction monitoring

The RAPiDS™ monitoring scripts will alert the ProductSpace team when any issues are identified in the Windchill environment. ProductSpace team will promptly resolve any issues identified by the monitoring process to minimize end user issues.


  • Manage SSL configuration for Windchill application as needed
  • Support customer IT in identifying and remediating security issues with the Windchill application
  • Implement security processes to ensure only authorized resources have access to customer environment

Operating System Administration

ProductSpace team will work closely with the customer IT department for updates to the operating system to ensure conformance with the customer’s IT policies. In coordination with the customer’s IT department, ProductSpace will work on tuning the operating system to maximize application performance and in applying critical OS patches. ProductSpace will follow formal change control process to deploy OS updates and validate all changes in a test environment before promoting to production.

Network Administration

The customer’s IT department will be responsible for managing the network infrastructure for the Windchill application and database servers. ProductSpace team will work with customer’s IT department as needed to troubleshoot any issues with the network affecting performance of the Windchill application.

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